Québec Center for Advanced Materials

The Quebec Center for Advanced Materials (QCAM) is a Quebec-wide strategic group funded by the FRQ-NT with the objective of researching and developing functional materials. As CERMA is an integral part of this grouping, there are many collaborations between members of CERMA and CQMF, whether in terms of research projects or the use of advanced equipment.

Prima Québec

Prima Quebec is a center for research and innovation in advanced materials. It animates and supports the Quebec ecosystem of advanced materials and represents the privileged interface between industrial and academic circles. Prima Quebec’s mission is to be an engine of innovation and growth for Quebec.

In 2019, Pima Quebec created the Network of state-of-the-art public equipment and research expertise for businesses (REPERE) which brings together seven platforms within six major Quebec university institutions, including CERMA, in order to increase the capacity of innovation of SMEs in advanced materials.


Logo Ecotech membership

In a sustainable development perspective, Ecotech Quebec mobilizes key players of the green economy to create the most favorable conditions for the development and growth of companies, and encourages end-users to increase the deployment of clean technologies. As the first organisation of its type in Canada, Écotech Québec aims to build cohesion and synergy to help the cleantech industry develop to its full potential.


Logo QuébecInnove

QuébecInnove is a non-profit organization serving businesses that want to accelerate their innovation projects. Drawing on the expertise of the 14,000 researchers and experts working among its 135 active research members, QuébecInnove directs more than 500 companies per year to the expertise and funding most useful for their growth. Neutral and unifying body, QuébecInnove has more than 130 member ambassadors as well as numerous partners, which allows it to bring together and consult ecosystem players in order to stimulate the culture of innovation throughout Québec.