CERMA Governance and Committees

The governance of CERMA is ensured by the director as well as by the Executive Board. The Center also functions and carries out its activities through various committees.

CERMA has currently been managed since March 2023 by Élodie Boisselier, professor in the Department of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.

The previous director was Jean-François Morin, professor in the Department of Chemistry, since 2017.

Former directors of the Center:

  • Gaétan Laroche
  • Mario Leclerc
  • Anna Ritcey

The Board of Directors (BDR) is the main decision-making body of CERMA. He defines the direction of the Center and makes the decisions he considers important for this purpose. It approves membership applications and decides on the use of Center subsidies. It implements the means and measures that it considers most conducive to the smooth running of its members’ research programs and the achievement of its objectives. It receives, studies and responds to requests, proposals and suggestions presented to it by its members. The important decisions of CERMA are taken collegially within the BDR and are validated during the Annual General Meeting.

See the composition of the Board of Directors.

The Student Committee is an essential body in the scientific and social life of CERMA thanks to the activities it organizes. Do not hesitate to get involved in this committee, the atmosphere is friendly, everyone chooses their tasks and contributes as best they can according to the desired investment of time. To join the Student Committee, contact: cerma_etudiants@ulaval.ca.

The SD Committee supports the Coordinating Committee in its mission to develop the Center’s SD strategy. Involvement simply requires participating in a few meetings per year. To join the DD committee, contact us.

CERMA is convinced that it can play an important role in promoting equity, diversity and inclusion. The EDI Committee is a joint committee with the Center for Research on Renewable Materials at Laval University (CRMR). It aims to help research centers adopt the best possible practices in terms of equity, diversity and inclusion, in accordance with the guidelines of the Quebec Research Funds. To get involved in the EDI Committee, contact EDI.CRMR.CERMA@ulaval.ca.

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