Quebec Center for Advanced Materials

The Quebec Center for Advanced Materials is a pan-Quebec strategic group funded by the FRQ-NT whose objective is the research and development of functional materials. As CERMA is an integral part of this grouping, there are numerous collaborations between the members of CERMA and the QCAM, whether at the level of research projects or the use of cutting-edge equipment.

Prima Québec

Prima Québec is the center for research and innovation in advanced materials. It leads and supports the Quebec ecosystem of advanced materials and represents the privileged interface between industrial and academic environments. Prima Québec’s mission is to be a driver of innovation and growth for Quebec.

In 2019, Pima Québec created the Network of advanced public equipment and research expertise for businesses (REPERE) which brings together seven platforms within six major Quebec university institutions, including CERMA, in order to increase the capacity of innovation of SMEs in advanced materials.

Interdisciplinary research center in operationalization of sustainable development

CIRODD is a research, development and reference center in the operationalization of sustainable development whose mission is to accelerate the transformation of society in order to support the socio-ecological transition through sustainable innovation and transdisciplinarity. The vision of CIRODD is to catalyze the driving forces of science, governance and various stakeholders through major transdisciplinary projects so that in 2025, Quebec society will be significantly more sustainable. it is a strategic network funded by both the Quebec Research Fund – Nature and Technology (FRQNT) and Society and Culture (FQRSC).