Image contest

The image competition gives students the opportunity to shine by putting their research work forward through images that combine scientific, technical and artistic quality. The competition includes prizes. This is an initiative of the CERMA Student Committee. The images (see below) were evaluated partly by a jury composed of people from the teaching, professional and postdoctoral staff and partly by all members.


The awards ceremony took place in person in the hall of the Vachon pavilion on Thursday, November 24 during a 4 to 6 to which everyone was cordially invited. The images were exhibited at Vachon for the entire week of November 21, 2022, then left from November 28 for two weeks of exhibition at PEPS!

The winners of the 2022 image competition are:

1. Kalvin Durand : « Un épi de maïs microscopique ? »

Department of Wood and Forest Sciences (director: Tatjana Stevanovic) | $200

2. Sorour Davoudi : « Nanofleurs magnétiques »

Department of Wood and Forest Sciences (director: Véronic Landry) | $150

3. Catherine Beaumont : « Nuit étoilée polymérique »

Department of Chemistry (director: Mario Leclerc) | $100

“Unexpected” category prize

Department of Chemistry (director: Jean-François Morin) | $100

Images from the 2022 contest

Out of competition images