Symposiums, webinars and conferences

Round table “the role of engineering in the development of a green economy” (FR)

Engineering is located at the interface between research and the application of discoveries and can thus have a significant impact on society. This position gives engineering a special situation in the innovation ecosystem. This round table focused on the contribution of engineering to the implementation of a green economy. We discussed in particular the importance of academic-industry collaborations as well as the difficulties linked to the integration of sustainable development in R&D.

18th may 2022 | Video presentation

MITACS Programs presentations (FR)

This presentation focused on the MITACS Industry-Academic Fellowship programs. The presentation was given by Maude Vaillancourt-Audet, Business Development Specialist at MITACS at Laval University. This presentation took place as part of CERMA’s back-to-school activity.

16th september 2021 | Presentation slides | Video presentation

Material footprint and technological innovation: for more sustainable development (FR)

This webinar-discussion aimed to present, in the form of presentations, the major issues and fundamental concepts linked to sustainable development in connection with the impact of technological innovations. The presentations particularly target researchers in basic sciences, technology and engineering.

1st april 2021 | Videos of the presentations

Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into materials science research

This webinar aimed to stimulate reflection on the need to integrate the SDGs into science and technology research, and on the challenges that this represents.

16th february 2021

Measure without seeing, separate without touching: nanotechnologies at the interface of life (FR – slides EN)

Nicolas Bertrand

Pharmacological faculty

10th december 2020 | Summary | Video presentation

Biosensors and actuators for bio-applications

Amine Miled

Department of Electrical Engineering

26th november 2020 | Summary

Conversion of two lignocellulosic agro-wastes into valuable products

Tatjana Stevanovic

Department of Wood and Forest Sciences

Optimization of acid hydrolysis on two agro-wastes: rice husks and wheat straw

Nicolas Auclair and Pierre Kasangana

Postdoctoral researchers, Department of Wood and Forest Sciences

12th november 2020 | Summary

Model wave functions for strong electronic correlation

Paul Johnson

Department of Chemistry

15th october 2020