Faites votre ménage informatique de printemps !

Thursday April 21, 2022

Reducing the digital footprint of our research activities is part of our responsibilities as a member of Laval University and a member of the research community. This activity aims to better understand the origin of our digital footprint, to reduce our own footprint and to discover how.

In practice, this meant taking half an hour or an hour for members to delete their outdated files and emails from their computers and storage servers, noting the memory space thus freed up on the different platforms (files ) and the number of emails deleted, and to inform CERMA to make an overall assessment.

Here are the results of the household in 2022:

The draw designated Pierre Mathey from Professor Jean-François Marin’s team to receive the $100 gift certificate to the zero-waste food store L’Escargot gourmand! This prize is a generosity of the Sustainable Development Fund of Laval University

If you want to know more and take actions to reduce your digital footprint, consult this document.

Contact us for any questions about this activity.

Conference “Non-virtual digital reality: what impacts on the environment? »

Françoise Berthoud

National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and director of EcoInfo (ecoinfo.cnrs.fr) which puts online knowledge relating to the environmental impacts of digital technology

View the presentation summary

For futher

To reduce your daily digital footprint, we invite you to consult the practical actions document presented below and take inspiration from it!

See Françoise Berthoud’s presentation “Non-virtual digital reality: what impacts on the environment?”