The Board of Directors (BDR) is the main decision-making body of CERMA. He defines the direction of the Center and makes the decisions he considers important for this purpose. It approves membership applications and decides on the use of Center subsidies. It implements the means and measures that it considers most conducive to the smooth running of its members’ research programs and the achievement of its objectives. It receives, studies and responds to requests, proposals and suggestions presented to it by its members. CERMA’s important decisions are taken collegially within the BDR and are validated at the Annual General Meeting.

Current composition of the Executive Board

The Executive Board is currently composed of :

  • Nicolas Bertrand (Professor)
  • Élodie Boisselier (Professor and Director)
  • Kalvin Durand (Student)
  • Gaétan Laroche (Professor)
  • Amine Miled (Professor)
  • Jean-François Morin (Professor)

Composition of the previous Executive Board (2020-2023)

The executive Board was composed of :

  • Élodie Boisselier (Professor)
  • Marc-André Fortin (Professor)
  • Adrien Gaudelas (Student)
  • Véronic Landry (Professor)
  • Mario Leclerc (Professor)
  • Jean-François Morin (Professor and director)
  • Denis Rodrigue (Professor)

Composition of the previous Executive Board (2017-2020)

  • Joël Boismenu-Lavoie (Center coordinator and meeting secretary)
  • Élodie Boisselier (Professor)
  • Philippe Dufour (Center coordinator and meeting secretary)
  • Jesse Greener (Professor)
  • Gaétan Laroche (Professor)
  • Mario Leclerc (Professor)
  • Jean-François Morin (Professor and Director)
  • Denis Rodrigue (Professor)
  • Ivan Rodriguez Duran (Student)