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The activity consists of a presentation of approximately 20 minutes from a CERMA member concerning the aspects of a project or field of study that can benefit the environment and/or sustainable development (SD), or which contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The presentation is followed by a period of discussion allowing members to better understand the ins and outs of the project and better integrate SD issues. It is also about reflecting collegially with the participants on the advantages and potential limits of materials science for SD. The discussions are led by an expert from a related field (innovation sector, marketing, social innovation). Participation in this activity is aimed at anyone working in materials science, whatever their specific field of research.


The activity lasts one hour in total. The presenter first describes the project(s) or their area of ​​research, the potential environmental benefits or those that help advance SD or an issue. Ideally, the presentation identifies the SDG(s) to which the project(s) contribute. The presentation can also focus on limits or sustainability questions related to this field of research.

Who is the activity aimed at?

PRESENTERS: Student, faculty, postdoctoral or professional community who wish to present their fields of research and address SD issues, to people who wish to further integrate these issues into their project.
Presenters are asked to present in French with slides in English if possible.

PARTICIPANTS: the activity is aimed at all CERMA members (students, postdocs, technicians, professionals and professors) regardless of their specific area of ​​research.


  • Introduce members, particularly students, to different aspects of SD
  • Think about the implications of SD, better integrate these principles into your own research
  • Broaden the vision of SD members
  • Promote CERMA research projects
  • Create interdisciplinary discussions
  • Encourage collaborations between the different CERMA research groups


PRESENTERS: visibility of the research group, participate in the development of complementary skills of CERMA students, confront ideas with the scientific community, optimize the alignment of the work of your research group with SD, find new avenues research, better promote the work of the research group, participate in reflection on sustainable materials
LISTENERS (PARTICIPANTS): additional training on SD issues and the SDGs thanks to concrete examples in materials science, acquire new skills, find new ideas or new avenues of research for your own project, expand his horizons.


Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more or to suggest a presentation.