Maylis Carrère et Simon Chouinard

CERMA congratulates and thanks Maylis Carrère, who was awarded a CERMA-CRMR EDI scholarship and successfully completed her project on people with disabilities. The project culminated in a conference given by Simon Chouinard, Executive Director of Entrepreneuriat Ulaval, on June 15. In addition to making a significant contribution to the organization of the conference, Maylis provided the meditation for the lecture in a highly professional manner. Mr. Chouinard’s generous presentation helped us better understand the reality of people with disabilities.

Maylis is a Ph.D. candidate in wood and bio-based materials engineering in the Department of Wood and Forest Sciences and the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Sustainable Wood Construction (CIRCERB) under the direction of Pierre Blanchet and Véronic Landry.

The EDI scholarships offered by the CERMA-CRMR Joint EDI Committee target the student and postdoctoral communities to promote and enhance equity, diversity and inclusion within the two centers. The main objective is to encourage the creation of projects and the implementation of initiatives that improve EDI. Recipients oversee project implementation in collaboration with the EDI Committee. The competition also aims to diversify and complement students’ training, and enhance their CVs.