2021 Image contest

The image competition gives students the opportunity to shine by putting their research work forward through images that combine scientific, technical and artistic quality. The competition includes prizes.

The winners of the 2021 image competition are:

1. Maxime Parot

«Un tapis en bois plus solide que l’acier ?», Department of Wood and Forest Sciences (director: Tatjana Stevanovic)

2. Solène Péllerin

«Îlots dans la tempête», Department of Wood and Forest Sciences (director: Véronic Landry)

3. Ex-aqueo :

  • Mael Idir

«Branches de nanotubes de carbone», Department of Chemistry (director: Mario Leclerc)

  • Williams Marcel Caceres Ferreira

«Tempête dans l’éthéré», Department of mining, metallurgy and materials engineering (director: Gaétan Laroche)